U.S. scientists created a solar plant to extract water from dry desert air

Engineers at the Massachusetts Technical University (USA) have created a new type of solar plant capable of receiving water from the air. Scientists say that water can be extracted even from the dry air of the desert.

We are talking about a plant that requires only one source of energy – sunlight. “The energy of the sun heats the material, resulting in a temperature difference between different parts of the device. Water from the air is collected by absorbent material on the surface and leaves its lower part, where the temperature is lower. Working day and night, the unit allows you to get water even from the dry air of the desert,” says Evelyn Van, author of the project.

Similar devices existed before, but special expensive materials were used in their design. Now the scientists have managed to simplify the system and make it work even when using an easily accessible material for absorption – microporous iron alumophosphate.

This is an affordable, stable and effective material that opens up wide prospects for large-scale production of such plants. American scientists note that their development can be used in the most remote areas of Africa from civilization, where there are serious problems with the availability of drinking water.