U.S. Secretary of State candidate promised to stop Nord Stream 2 at any cost

U.S. Secretary of State candidate Wendy Sherman said she would do everything in her power to stop the construction of Nord Stream 2. On Wednesday, March 3, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing to consider her candidacy.

Sherman thus responded to a question from Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz about whether she intends to oppose the project and impose further sanctions.

“I can’t make these decisions unilaterally. But I will do everything I can to prevent the project from moving forward,” Sherman said .

On March 1, it became known that the German authorities are considering the implementation of the Nord Stream – 2 gas pipeline project regardless of the anti-Russian sanctions. It was noted that Berlin will discuss with Washington to lift sanctions against the pipeline as soon as the U.S. Senate approves candidates for all positions.

The day before, German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze said that the state could face lawsuits for damages if the construction of the pipeline is halted.