U.S. Senator declares $250 million in savings with U.S. exit from Open Skies Treaty

The U.S. could save at least $250 million if it withdraws from the Open Skies Treaty (OSA). This was reported on Thursday, May 21, by a Republican senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton, on his official website.

“Today, the president took another positive step to end America’s dependence on dysfunctional and broken treaties. The Treaty of Open Skies began life as a good faith agreement between major powers and died as an asset of Russian intelligence,” Cotton said.

According to the senator, the treaty was technically outdated and inappropriate, “like a video recorder or a cassette deck.

“I am particularly pleased that American taxpayers will not have to pay about a quarter of a billion dollars to recapitalize our OC-135 fleet. These funds would be better used to strengthen our nuclear deterrence, which is a much more effective guarantee of peace between the major powers,” concluded the Republican.

Earlier on May 21, US President Donald Trump announced his withdrawal from the Treaty on Open Skies. The American leader did not rule out that a new agreement is possible.