U.S. simulated dropping a thermonuclear bomb on Moscow

The American edition We Are The Mighty simulated the dropping of a 10,000 megaton thermonuclear bomb. The example was made in a NukeMap simulator.

Physicist Edward Teller worked on the creation of such a bomb in the XX century, but the U.S. authorities refused to develop it because of the power of defeat – if it is used, millions of people could die, and even if dropped over the Soviet Union would suffer Western Europe and even the United States.

It is alleged that 10,000 megatons would have been enough to destroy entire countries, such as Great Britain, France, Germany, North and South Korea.

“Lethal amounts of nuclear fallout would immediately lead to lethal levels of radiation in many countries and would probably poison the earth,” the publication writes.

The simulator can simulate the actuation of a projectile with a maximum power of 100 megatons, which is weaker than Teller’s idea. However, even such a bomb, when dropped over Moscow, would hit the territory up to 1.5 thousand km from the Russian capital.

“In theory, such a weapon is possible. But it is hoped that no one can bring together such a team of people who are smart enough to design weapons and stupid enough to create them. After all, we have nuclear arsenals large enough to destroy the world repeatedly. Is it really necessary to have one bomb capable of such a thing?” – conclude the authors.