U.S. special services announced Russia’s intention to defame Biden before elections

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On the eve of presidential elections in the U.S. Russia intends to “defame” Democrat Joseph Biden, who is fighting for the post of head of the White House, according to the U.S. intelligence service. The Russian side is taking a number of steps to do so, according to a statement issued on Friday, August 7, by Director of the National Center for Counterintelligence and Security William Evanina. Earlier, Moscow had already criticized Biden for his role in the policy of the former U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration in Ukraine, as well as for the Obama administration’s support for “anti-Putin opposition inside Russia,” the statement said.

Evanina cited the case of Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach as an example of Russian actions, highlighting his “pro-Russian” position. Derkach repeatedly made statements about corruption in order to “harm” the candidacy of former vice president Biden and the U.S. Democratic Party, the American side stressed.

According to the special services, the Kremlin-affiliated parties are trying to increase the popularity of the current President Donald Trump’s candidacy on Russian television and social networks.

US sees the threat in China and Iran

Evanina’s statement mentioned other countries as possible threats to the White House elections. Thus, China considers the current president as “unpredictable” and would prefer to see another person in his place, says the director of the intelligence service. And Iran is seeking to undermine the democratic institutions of the United States and may spread misinformation in social networks, said Evanina.