U.S. Special Services described possible methods of interference by the Russian Federation in the elections

US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and FBI warned U.S. state authorities earlier this year of methods that Russia, according to their version, could use to intervene in the upcoming presidential elections. This was reported by the Associated Press agency on Monday, May 4, citing the report of the law enforcement agencies.

According to the agency, the February 3 report note of the special services contains eight methods of intervention in the elections, which may be used by the Russian Federation. Among them is the secret consultation of candidates and their election headquarters without identifying specific political persons to whom Russia can provide assistance.

According to the U.S. law enforcement agencies, its other tools may be hacker attacks, influence on the audience through social networks and state-controlled media, use of various economic levers, manipulation of the voter database, providing financial support to candidates.

The document states that so far there have been no cases when Russia has resorted to at least one of these methods. Since the report was prepared before the coronavirus outbreak in the country, it does not reflect how the pandemic may affect the tactics that Russia may use to intervene in the elections.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Homeland Security has not yet responded to the publication, and an FBI representative has declined to comment.