U.S. water retrieval system broke down on the ISS

At the U.S. segment of the International Space Station (ISS) broke down the system for obtaining water, the crew will repair it next week. It was reported on May 13 at NASA.

“The WPA water-acquisition system in the Tranquility module has shut down due to a possible leak. This equipment is used to convert water from several sources into clean drinking water for crew members,” the report said.

It is specified that the crew of the station is not threatened, because there is enough water reserves on the space station for several months.

The repair of the installation will be completed at the beginning of next week, the ISS has the necessary spare parts, the agency informs.

The WPA system obtains drinking water by processing condensate of atmospheric moisture and urine. Similar installations are available in the Russian segment of the ISS – water regeneration systems SRV-K2M and SRV-U-RS.

The day before it became known that Russia and the United States established a working group to jointly find the causes of air leakage in the Russian module “Zvezda” on the ISS, identified in September last year.

On April 29, cosmonauts closed the hatch to the Zvezda compartment, from which air was leaking, until July.

Cosmonaut Ivan Wagner said April 15 that the leakage of air in the intermediate chamber of the module “Zvezda” was reduced by three times after sealing. His colleague Sergei Ryzhikov sealed the cracks on the ISS with sealant.