U.S. will release politicized Barbie dolls

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In 2020, Mattel Inc will release a set of four Barbie dolls in the run-up to the U.S. presidential election. This was reported by ABC News on July 28.

The line will include dolls, each of which will be associated with public and leadership positions. They will be a company manager, a candidate, a voter and a fundraiser. According to the producers, the purpose of launching this unusual line is to encourage girls to take an interest in shaping the future of American society.

According to the vice president of Mattel Inc Lisa McKnight, Barbie has been encouraging young American girls to take leadership roles in the schoolroom, society and country since 1959. The new collection of dolls was created to “remove barriers to leadership by providing girls with the tools to present and play their future role.

Each of the four dolls on display is different in colour, nationality, clothing style and build. According to McKnight, in the United States today, less than a third of elected leaders are women, and even fewer are black women. The new line of dolls, therefore, is designed to inspire girls to realize their role in the fight for their empowerment and, in the future, for promotion to leadership positions.

In February 2020, Mattel introduced its collection of dolls with disabilities. As noted, the manufacturer is trying to integrate into a new system of values: after a wave of body-positive, inclusion has become fashionable, people with disabilities have appeared on the catwalks, and now Barbie is trying to match the new trend.

In September 2019, it was reported that the company Mattel, producing Barbie doll, announced the launch of a new line of gender-neutral toys with a variety of options Creatable World