U.S. working on hypersonic missile to launch from deck aircraft

The United States is developing a hypersonic cruise missile, which could be launched from deck aircraft of the country’s naval forces McDonnell Douglas F/A-18. This was stated by director of Pentagon office for transition to hypersonic technologies Gillian Bassi during her speech in Washington on October 26.

“We are working on a Navy option that is compatible with F-18 operations taking off from aircraft carriers. We have a contract with Boeing to create an advanced dual-mode hypersonic design,” she was quoted as saying.

It is noted that supplies of hypersonic weapons to the Navy should be expected by 2028.

On October 16, US president Donald Trump stated that the country’s armed forces already possessed hypersonic missiles.

At the same time, the day before Pentagon chief Mark Esper said that hypersonic weapons would be delivered to the US ground forces only in 2023.

On October 15, technical characteristics of the future American hypersonic missile AGM-183A Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon became known. It is stated that it will be able to reach the speed of 6.5-8 Mach and will be able to hit the target at the distance of 1.6 thousand km in 10-12 minutes.

According to the U.S. President’s Special Representative for Arms Control, Marshall Billingsley, the U.S. intends to target its emerging hypersonic weapon systems primarily in the Asia-Pacific region.