UK PM Boris Johnson: Only vaccinated people to be allowed into nightclubs in autumn

From the end of September, the UK authorities will allow only fully vaccinated people into nightclubs and public venues. These government plans were announced Monday by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“By the end of September, when all residents over the age of 18 will be offered a second vaccination, we plan to make vaccination a prerequisite for entry into nightclubs and other places where people gather in large numbers. It will not be enough to show a negative test result,” said the head of the government. According to him, it is necessary to vaccinate as many people as possible, so as not to have to impose various restrictions again (as of today they have been canceled) in Britain. According to the British authorities, nightclubs play an important role in the spread of infection. Poorly ventilated rooms, where people actively socialize with each other, create ideal conditions for the infection with the coronavirus.

The idea of granting access to clubs and events solely on vaccination certificates still needs to be considered by Parliament. Currently, this document can be replaced by a negative test for coronavirus or a certificate of recent COVID-19 and the presence of antibodies to the virus.