Ukraine declares risk of military aggression by Belarus

Belarus’ situation creates risks of military aggression for Ukraine from the north. This was stated by the deputy of the pro-presidential faction in the Verkhovna Rada “Servant of the people”, head of the parliamentary committee on national security Alexander Zavitnevich on September 14.

“We have more than a thousand kilometers of common border. When these events began in Belarus, Ukraine took measures to strengthen it. But there is a certain problem there, and now our working group is just preparing a relevant bill, because we have not ratified the border treaty with Belarus … Therefore, of course, there is a danger from this direction,” Zavitnevich said.

According to him, the CSTO treaty, which includes Russia and Belarus, poses a great threat to Ukraine, so it “took measures” and “monitors the situation. “Any attempts to destabilize the situation in Belarus, as well as its absorption by the Russian Federation, are contrary to the interests of our state,” the deputy said.

When asked by a journalist about the probability of Russian military aggression against Ukraine from Belarus, Zavitnevich said that this probability is less than from the territory of Donbass, but it “cannot be ignored.

Earlier, on September 10, Ukraine expressed concern about how far “integration” between Russia and Belarus could go. “Before we at least understood, and it was a verbal guarantee from Belarus that our border would remain peaceful,” said the Ukrainian ambassador in Minsk, Igor Kizim. Now, according to the diplomat, it is not known how the situation will develop against the backdrop of rapprochement of Belarus and Russia.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said on August 14 that weakened Belarus will become “easy prey” for Russia, as RT reports.

On September 8th the Belarusian leader stated the readiness of Minsk to continue integration with Russia. According to him, all the projects existing within the Union State should start working first.

Earlier Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko stated that he would not come to Kiev by tank, except by tractor. Later he said that the Russians would never come to Ukraine from Byelorussia, let alone with weapons.

Mass opposition protests continue throughout Belarus on August 9, after the presidential election, which was won by incumbent Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko. Citizens who disagree with the voting results took to the streets in several cities of the republic, and dozens of enterprises went on strike.