Ukraine dug 400 km of anti-tank trenches on the border with Russia

The head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Sergei Deineko said that 400 km of anti-tank trenches were dug on the border with Russia, 100 km of metal fence was put up and 70 km of barbed wire was stretched.

“We are completing work in the Kharkiv region. Part of the work continued in Chernihiv region. Last year we equipped one site in the Lugansk region and design and survey work is being carried out in the Sumy region. Engineering works haven`t started there yet”, – Deineko said.

He clarified that now the “Wall” project, under which it was planned to build fortifications on the Russian-Ukrainian border, does not exist as such.

According to Deineko, the only wall can be “the readiness for self-sacrifice and courage of soldiers of the AFU, the National Guard, and the State Border Service.

Deineko reminded that initially they wanted to spend UAH 4 billion (approximately $143 million) on the “Wall” project, then the cost was reduced to UAH 2,5 billion ($90 million), and as of today we have already spent UAH 2 billion.

According to him, the engineering arrangement must ensure 100% control of the state border line to prevent the entry of subversive groups, undesirable persons and smuggling into the country.

Kiev has been implementing the idea of building a wall on the border with Russia since 2014; the project was agreed upon under Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. In subsequent years, the implementation of the project was stopped several times due to funding problems.

In the spring of 2019, it became known that the State Border Service of Ukraine has already spent 1.3 billion hryvnia ($48.6 million) on the construction of the structure. At the same time, last summer the Ministry of Finance of the country refused to provide additional funding for the project.