Ukraine has declassified data on the Chernobyl accident

Security Service of Ukraine ( SSU) on April 26, the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident, made public previously unpublished documents on the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The materials are available on the SSU page on Facebook.

The documents, in particular, refer to several releases at the nuclear power plant that preceded the accident in 1986. The first release of radioactive substances in the documentation is dated 1982.

“But the KGB report ends with the usual ‘measures have been taken to prevent panic and provocative rumors,'” the SSU said.

In addition, emergencies occurred in 1984 at the third and fourth power units.

The documents also say that the State Security Committee was aware of the unfavorable situation at Chernobyl back in 1983 due to the lack of safety equipment.

At the same time, after the accident, according to the archives, a directive was adopted that classified information about the causes of the disaster, the radiation situation, the accident response and contamination.