Ukraine revealed the author of Biden and Poroshenko’s conversations

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Verkhovna Rada deputy Andriy Derkach, who previously published audio recordings of possible conversations between former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and current US President Joe Biden, spoke about the origin of these recordings.

According to Derkach, Poroshenko himself secretly recorded his conversations with other high-ranking officials, including Biden. He specified that in total about 5-6 hours of conversations were recorded, and only 45 minutes were published.

Derkach said that the audio recordings were given to him by investigative journalists. He did not disclose their names, but specified that they were Ukrainian journalists.

According to him, journalists understand that they can put themselves in danger by publishing such recordings. In this regard, Derkach reminded that not a single case of killing a media worker in Ukraine has been properly investigated.

In addition, as the deputy clarified, he has already given the recordings for examination in the criminal process.

“Biden just in a terrible dream could not imagine that Poroshenko would write it in the administration for his personal archive. Such things just aren’t done in terms of the culture of statehood. But Petro Oleksiyeyevich did it in his own style,” Derkach noted.

In May 2020, Derkach published fragments of telephone conversations where Poroshenko, Biden and former US Secretary of State John Kerry are allegedly heard speaking. In particular, the recording allegedly shows Biden recommending that Poroshenko fire Attorney General Viktor Shokin, who handled the Burisma case, where Biden’s son Hunter worked, in exchange for $1 billion. The bribe was aimed at getting military state contracts by companies affiliated with the former Ukrainian leader. Poroshenko called the audio recordings a forgery.

In June, the second part of the audio recordings of phone conversations between Poroshenko and Biden were made public. During the conversation, the politicians discussed Ukraine’s domestic politics. Poroshenko also considered the recordings fabricated and called their publication “an attempt to undermine the strategic partnership between Kiev and Washington.

On September 16, Derkach published a new part of the possible conversation between Poroshenko and Biden. It is alleged that the conversation took place after the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.