Ukraine said that the country may introduce food stamps

Ukraine may introduce food stamps because of rising food prices. The website reported this on Sunday, 9 January, citing presidential economic adviser Oleh Ustenko.

He clarified that such a decision may be caused by a rise in food prices due to a sharp increase in the cost of Russian gas. At the same time, he admitted that the authorities might introduce food coupons, as the cancellation of VAT on food, even temporarily, would entail additional expenses from the state budget.

“Options will be considered. It can be both additional payments to compensate for price increases and the introduction of so-called grocery checks, as it is practiced in the U.S.,” Ustenko explained.

Earlier, on December 31, the head of the political council of the party “Opposition Platform – For Life” (OPZJ), deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Viktor Medvedchuk said that in 2022, the country will face a further decline of the economy, an energy crisis and other risks. The head of the political council noted that labor migration is increasing in the country, people are losing their jobs and even if they are employed, they are not getting the pay they deserve.

On January 8, Kyiv economist Yuriy Atamanyuk stressed that the problems that threaten Ukraine because of the commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline were caused by Ukraine itself. He explained that the countries considered Ukraine an unreliable partner when Kiev rejected the proposal of Russia and Germany to set up a gas transport consortium.