Ukraine used a Turkish drone in Donbass

The DPR and LPR were subjected to 110 shellings by the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the day, the Joint Center for Control and Coordination said in Telegram. Ukrainian security forces used heavy barrel artillery, mortars, BMPs, UAV strikes, the report said. Kiev for the first time used a Turkish combat drone Bayraktar. The General Staff of Ukraine showed a video of the use of the drone in Donbass.

The LPR noted that by doing so, the Ukrainian armed forces officially admitted that they had violated the Minsk agreements. Since September 2014, according to the memorandum, there has been a ban on flights of combat aircraft and foreign unmanned aerial vehicles. The territory of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic was shelled again. The fire was opened on the settlements: Zolote-5, Kalinovo and Khoroshoye. Kiev used 122 mm artillery, grenade launchers and small arms.