Ukrainian archaeologists found a cromlech older than Stonehenge

The discovery was made during excavations on the site of a future road in the Dnepropetrovsk region. Scientists have found there a mound of Eneolithic period, inside it were found human burials of the same period, fragments of pottery and a cromlech of stones vertically buried in the ground. Preliminary dating has shown that the structure may be several centuries older than Stonehenge.

Archeologists have shared detailed information about their discovery on the official page of Dnipropetrovsk archeological expedition in the social network Facebook. They say that the cromlech was built about 5.5 thousand years ago. Its dimensions are one hundred twenty by eighty meters. These are flat stones or slabs of stone, tapering at the top, vertically buried in the ground. Archaeologists suggest that in this case the cromlech had a purely technical function – to strengthen the mound.

So far, experts have discovered twenty human burials in the mound, and not all of them were solitary. In the next couple of weeks archeologists plan to get to the lowest cultural layers of the construction. All finds will be sent to Germany and Kiev for further analysis and study. And the cromlech itself will be strengthened and opened for all who wish to learn the ancient history.