Ukrainian businessmen protested in Chernihiv because of the lockdown

More than 100 entrepreneurs protested in Chernihiv, Ukraine, demanding permission to work in conditions of tightened quarantine measures, the UNIAN news agency reported on Monday, April 26.

Representatives of small and medium business gathered near the building of city council with posters with inscriptions “Right for decent life”, “Stop killing small business”, “If you can’t treat – don’t interfere with work” and so on.

Protesters said that Chernihiv entrepreneurs have not worked for almost a month because the city is in the “red zone” of quarantine, where the most restrictive measures are in effect. In particular, the work of any markets and entertainment facilities is prohibited.

At the same time, working supermarkets do not always adhere to the restrictions, so the incidence of disease is not reduced. At the same time, entrepreneurs have to pay taxes and rent.

On March 27 it became known that the maximum level of epidemic danger – “red” – was introduced in 13 out of 25 regions of the country. There are a number of severe restrictions for residents of the quarantine zone.

On April 5, strict restrictions were imposed on Kiev, and on April 14, the strict quarantine was extended until the end of the month.