Ukrainian Chernomorsk official danced “Swan Lake” for mayor

The head of the city council’s culture department, Yulia Kristanova, presented the mayor of Chernomorsk in the Odessa region, Vasily Gulyaev, with a dance from the ballet Swan Lake. Officials congratulated the mayor after an apparatus meeting, the Ukrainian newspaper Dumskaya reported Sept. 15.

After the meeting, Gulyaev was asked to step out from behind the pulpit and go into the hall, where an official danced for him. She put on a ballet tutu and, judging by her performance, used to do ballet professionally. The mayor was also presented with a large bouquet of flowers and sang a song.

Gulyaev himself called the congratulations “a pleasant surprise.”

“Yulia Kristanova is a ballerina, she decided to surprise me with her skills”, – said the head of Chernomorsk.