Ukrainians made up the majority of those who acquire Russian citizenship in 2020

Almost 100% of those who obtained Russian citizenship in 2020 are from the former Soviet republics, most of whom are Ukrainians. This was reported by the Russian Interior Ministry on May 1.

It is specified that the number of Ukrainians, who received Russian citizenship last year, amounted to 640 thousand people (62%).

Also, newcomers from Tajikistan (10%), Kazakhstan (7%) and Armenia (5%) received this document more often than others.

According to the department, this desire is due to the proximity of the territory, a common historical past, the lack of language barriers and understandable mentality, TASS reported.

In recent years, the number of foreigners obtaining Russian citizenship is growing. In 2020, 656,000 people obtained it, which is one-third more than in 2019 (497,000), the Interior Ministry added.

On February 1, it was reported that Russia broke the record of 15 years ago for the number of new citizens. Ukrainians, Kazakhs, and Tajiks were among the most foreigners who received Russian passports.