Ultra-massive black hole threw a jet stream

In the heart of the brightest quasar 3C279, which is 5 billion light years away from Earth, is a black hole. It was collected by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) in a global campaign. And now the results of what powerful optical devices have “seen” are published. The black hole, which weighs about 1 billion suns, “spits out” material that can not capture. These jets, according to astrophysicists, have an uncharacteristic shape – instead of being straight, the jet at the base is curved. And this curved structure is constantly changing.

The researchers believe that the jets, meeting with the accretion disk surrounding the black hole, change direction. Scientists also have to find out whether the material in the jet really moves at a speed more than 20 times higher than the speed of light, or it is still unclear optical illusion.

“More detailed information about the properties of the jet, such as the configuration of the magnetic field and energy balance will be the subject of further research,” – say the authors of the work.