Unexpected details of Bella Hadid’s new romance surfaced online

A few days ago, the 24-year-old model confirmed rumors of an affair with 33-year-old art director Mark Kalman, but their relationship began long before that. Page Six insiders found out that Bella Hadid has been happy with her new boyfriend for a year. All this time, the lovers have been hanging out together in New York, but have remained unnoticed by paparazzi and fans.

“They were good at hiding it,” the whistleblower said. – If they were going on a date, he was the first one to leave the house and get in the car. They’d get to the location, he’d drop her off, and he’d park the car himself. They took great care not to be seen together on the street. They were almost always with other people, which made it hard to prove they were dating.

In early July, the celebrities let their guard down and rumors of their affair began to circulate online. Bella decided to reveal her cards in Cannes, where she shined on the red carpets of the international film festival, which was canceled last year. After the debut in Instagram, the couple stopped hiding their feelings in public, to the delight of all reporters and fans Hadid.

“Basically, they talked about their romance on its first anniversary – or something like that,” the source added.