UNHRC will hold an urgent debate on September 18 because of the situation in Belarus

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The United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council voted to hold an urgent debate on the situation in Belarus on September 18 at the request of the German presidency of the European Union.

25 countries voted for holding urgent debates, 20 abstained. Philippines and Venezuela opposed it.

Yuri Ambrazevich, the post-representative of Belarus to the Geneva office of the United Nations, said that the situation in the country did not give any reason for debate. He assessed the demand for discussions as an attempt of political pressure on Minsk, which becomes a direct interference in the country’s affairs.

Germany passed the requirement to hold urgent debates on the situation in Belarus to the chairman of the 45th session of UNHRC on September 11.

Mass protests in Belarus began after the announcement of the results of the presidential election on August 9, according to which Alexander Lukashenko was elected the leader for the sixth time in a row.