United Kingdom, 5G satellite dishes set on fire because of conspiracy theory

At least three telephone antennas have been targeted by arson attacks.

Birmingham, Liverpool, Melling (Meyerside) in the past week, three telephone antennas have been set on fire in the United Kingdom, reports the British press. At least four antennas were targeted for damage over the weekend of April 4 and 5, reports operator Vodafone – a fire was also reported in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

All three fires, the criminal origin of which is hardly in doubt, occurred at a time when a very popular conspiracy theory across the Channel links the appearance of the coronavirus to the deployment of 5G antennas in the country. Particularly fanciful, this hypothesis, of which there are several variants, claims either that the epidemic was “invented” to “cover up” the health consequences of 5G, or that 5G waves “chase” air from the lungs and facilitated or caused Covid-19 contaminations. These theories have also been propagated by some British celebrities, including Amanda Holden, the judge on the reality TV show “Britain’s got talent,” who has circulated a petition linking 5G to the epidemic to her nearly two million Twitter subscribers.