United States upset by China sinking Vietnamese ship in the South China Sea

Washington urged China not to take advantage of the vulnerability of other countries in the fight against the pandemic

The United States is gravely concerned about reports that China sank a Vietnamese fishing vessel in the Paracel Islands area of the South China Sea, according to a statement by State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus. The incident is a continuation of a series of actions designed to support China’s illegal territorial claims and to harm neighboring countries in the South China Sea.

After the outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic, Beijing also announced the creation of new “research sanctions” on military bases on Fiery Cross and Subi reefs and placed military aircraft on Fiery Cross reef. China also continues to deploy naval units around the Spratly Islands. China’s Nine-dotted Line was called for by the illegal arbitration tribunal convened under the Convention on the Law of the Sea in July 2016. The United States Government shares that view.

“We call on China to focus on supporting international efforts to combat the pandemic and stop taking advantage of the distracted state and vulnerability of other countries to expand its illegal territorial claims in the South China Sea,” the State Department said.