Universal moved the Minions sequel to 2021. “Sing 2” postponed by six months.

Universal Studio has decided on the release date of the cartoon “Minions: Gruvitation” – it will be released July 2, 2021. Initially, the premiere was expected next summer, but it was canceled when the studio Mac Guff temporarily closed in Paris because of COVID-19. Because of this, the animators did not have time to finish the work as planned.

Earlier, the new date of “Minions” was assigned to the sequel to “Sing 2”. Now the cartoon was moved to six months – its release will take place December 22, 2021. On this day, Universal expected to release the musical “Wicked”, but now the tape Steven Doldrey disappeared from the schedule.

After the outbreak of coronavirus, which became known on December 31, 2019, the film industry had to go to extremes. For safety reasons, cinemas around the world began to close, and the release of many paintings decided to postpone. Among them – “No time to die”, “Mulan”, “Black Widow”, “Fast & Furious”.

The mignons first appeared in the 2010 cartoon ” Despicable Me”. Yellow Neighbours, speaking an incomprehensible language, became extremely popular, and in 2015 came out the prequel, telling about the origin and past adventures of the minions. With a budget of $74 million, the project has raised $1.159 billion worldwide.