Unknown gunman shot five people from a car in Brooklyn

At least five people were injured by gunfire in the streets of Brooklyn last night. According to NBC New York, citing the city police, an unknown intruder in a car opened fire on passers-by near Rockaway Parkway.

The wounds, as specified, were received by a 23-year-old girl (the bullet hit her chest), as well as three 19-year-old boys, who were shot about 12 minutes after the first incident.

Another 19-year-old local man was later shot in the back. He was riding a scooter with a girl who was also injured when she fell off her vehicle after the shooting.

At the moment, all the victims are hospitalized. Police are looking for the shooter.

The day before, according to the channel, another attacker opened fire on a family resting on the sidewalk on Madison Street in Brooklyn. It’s reported that two men fired. A one-year-old child was killed in the attack. He was shot in the stomach and died while he was already in one of the local hospitals. A 35-year-old man was injured in the incident (the perpetrators hit him in the groin), as well as a 27-year-old local man (shot in the ankle) and another 36-year-old man (shot in the right leg). The law enforcement officers are currently searching for intruders.