Unknown people captured coal, gold and copper mines in Kirghizia

Unknown persons seized several large deposits of gold, copper and coal in Kyrgyzstan on the background of mass protests, Kyrgyz mass media reported on Tuesday, October 6. In particular, work at Kara-Keche coal deposit in Naryn region was suspended, news portal 24.kg reported.

It was seized by “a crowd of unknown citizens in the number of about one hundred people” who commit “theft and uncontrolled export of coal in cars, bypassing the weight and cash desk,” according to a letter distributed in social networks of the state enterprise on coal mining “Kyrgyzkomur” to the State Committee of Industry, Energy and Subsoil Use of Kyrgyzstan. According to the document, the attackers stole a total of over half a million soms and forced the management to write a letter of resignation.

There are also reports of an attack and arson at a warehouse and factory at the Dzherui gold deposit in Talas province and an attack on the Jamgyr gold deposit in Jalal-Abad province. About 300-400 people seized the Ishtumberdi gold deposit, which is being developed by the Chinese company Full Gold Mining, writes the Kyrgyz news portal Kloop.kg. According to him, the Bozymchak copper deposit in Jalal-Abad region was also suspended, and unknown people seized two shuttle buses coming from it.