Unknown persons attacked the Libyan embassy in Minsk

Unknown persons attacked the Libyan embassy in Minsk, tried to seize it and beat up Charge d’Affaires ad interim Muhammad Istaita, who represents the government under the leadership of Marshal Khalifa Haftar. The diplomat himself said so on Thursday, August 27.

According to the victim, the attackers were about 30 and were not Libyans, but supporters of the Libyan National Accord Government (LNAG), the opposition Haftar.

The diplomat said that the attackers were Belarusian citizens, but with them came a temporary attorney from the NAG and an accountant of the NAG embassy, with whom the victim personally knows.

Belarusian law enforcement agencies did not do anything about the assault on the diplomatic mission, the diplomat said.

According to the information, the attackers climbed over the fence of the embassy and tried to enter the building. The police were summoned by officers of the nearby Moldovan diplomatic mission. OMON arrived at the scene, checked the documents of those inside the building, received instructions from their leadership not to interfere and left the territory. The guards of the embassy repulsed the temporary attorney from the attackers.