Unmanned electric bus hits athlete in Tokyo Paralympic Village

An electric bus with the e-Palette autonomous driving system, developed by Toyota Motor Group, hit a Japanese judoka at a crosswalk in the Paralympic Village. Kyodo news agency reported this on Friday, August 27.

The injured paralympian is judoka Aramitsu Kitazono, who competes in the men’s up to 81 kg weight category. The bus was turning right at an intersection when it hit a 30-year-old man who was walking in a crosswalk.

According to the police, the athlete had bruises on his head and body, but doctors found no internal injuries.

To clarify the circumstances of the incident and to prevent similar incidents in the future organizers of the Paralympics suspended the running of e-Palette electric buses in the village.

The opening ceremony of the Summer Paralympic Games in Tokyo was held on August 24. The competition will last until September 5. Will be drawn 539 sets of awards in 22 sports. Badminton and taekwondo were included in the program of competitions for the first time.