Urgent: Putin is threatened with a terrorist attack in 5 hours

A message to the Russian president was delivered via telephone.

The morning of September 23 was not quiet in Yekaterinburg. An unknown man called the emergency services and asked them to send a threatening message to Vladimir Putin. The man, speaking in a strong Arabic accent, warned the Russian president that a strike was being prepared and would allegedly be carried out in five hours. The anonymous person did not introduce himself, but merely remarked that he had information that would be useful. The unknown person also specified that the telegram was intended for Vladimir Vladimirovich personally. And although the phone bomber was calling to Yekaterinburg, he indicated that the strike would come from “a completely different direction.”

“Tell Volodya. In five hours, have the Air Force, Air Force, Navy, infantry on standby. That’s an order,” the anonymous person finished, and then allegedly started the countdown.

Law enforcers have already found out that the phone code from which the threatening call was made belongs to Canada. But it is possible that the unknown person used special programs of IP-telephony

Operational services of the city have already started checking the message. It is not reported whether the Russian president was notified.