US announced its willingness to lift restrictions due to coronavirus in May

U.S. authorities plan to lift the restrictions imposed in connection with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in May, but the new outbreak will have to reintroduce them. Donald Trump said so on Friday.

“I watch what happens in other countries. And in many ways they are ahead of us in that he (Coronavirus – Ed.) attacked them first. And that will play a significant role,” said the president.

Trump added that he hopes the quarantine measures will end as soon as possible.

Earlier April 10, the U.S. leader reported that U.S. authorities have adjusted their estimates of likely mortality in the country due to coronavirus infection. If earlier it was said that the minimum number would be from 100 thousand to 225 thousand victims and up to 2.2 million lives, if nothing is done, now less than 100 thousand deaths are predicted.

As of April 10, 490 925 cases of infection with the new type of coronavirus were registered in the U.S., 18 239 people died, 26 777 patients were discharged from hospitals.