US doctors confirmed the impact of tuberculosis vaccination on coronavirus

In countries with widespread tuberculosis vaccine use, deaths from new coronavirus are almost six times lower than in countries without such a practice. This was reported by Daily Mail on April 8, citing data from American doctors.

Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine was invented about a century ago and gives immunity to bacterial infection caused by tuberculosis. Recipients of vaccination, which cost about 30 pounds sterling (2.8 thousand rubles), have an improved immune system, experts believe.

In the UK, all schoolchildren aged 10 to 14 were given the vaccine between 1953 and 2005, but they stopped doing so as the incidence of tuberculosis decreased.

The study found that BCG vaccination used among Americans in childhood protected them from tuberculosis until they were 60 years old after the vaccination. The mechanism by which the vaccine helps repel other infections has not been established, but it is possible that it enhances the innate mechanisms of the immune system.

These so-called non-target effects include enhanced protection against respiratory diseases and have been recognized by the World Health Organization.

On April 4, Aleksey Mazus, chief freelance specialist in diagnostics and treatment of HIV-infection and director of the International Training and Methodological Center for Human Virology of PFUR, stated that the BCG creates a certain immune background in the body and gives hope for a calmer course of the disease COVID-19.