US plans to receive COVID-19 vaccine in 2021

Americans should have wide access to coronavirus vaccine within a reasonable time after confirmation of its effectiveness and safety. This was announced on Friday, July 31, by U.S. chief infectious disease officer Anthony Fauci.

Speaking to a House panel investigating the country’s response to the pandemic, Fauci expressed cautious optimism about vaccine availability, APNews reported.

“I believe that Americans will be able to get it for some time in 2021,” the doctor stressed. According to the specialist, the authorities will create a list of those who will be vaccinated before others. But all Americans will be able to get it.

The website has already registered 250,000 people to take part in clinical trials, he added.

As it became known the day before, Chinese hackers associated with the government attacked the American biotechnology company Moderna Inc., a leading American developer of vaccine research against coronavirus. The US Department of Justice has charged two Chinese citizens.

On the same day, the Roman National Institute of Infectious Diseases named after Spallanzani began testing the coronavirus vaccine on humans.