US started manufacturing new anti-tank missile systems

U.S. military industrial companies Raytheon and Lockheed Martin launched the production of portable anti-tank missile systems (MOTWS) FGM-148F Javelin. This was reported by Defense News.

The new model – FGM-148F – has an improved multi-purpose warhead, which combines charges to engage explosive reactive armor, and has a fragmented steel hull to destroy unarmored and lightly armored targets. According to James Hasik, senior research fellow at George Mason University, this model should interest European countries that are concerned about the development of Russian weapons.

“This [FGM-148F Javelin] is definitely about Russian armor. Javelin is an excellent weapon from what I hear, but recent developments in active defense systems may raise some concerns about its ability to reliably destroy tanks. I would advise any ministry of defence in Europe, especially those along the eastern border, to buy many of these or similar weapons,” Hasik said.

Poland could be the first buyer of the new U.S. PTWC.

According to journalists, the European country recently completed negotiations with the U.S. on the purchase of 180 Javelin missiles and 60 launchers.

German media wrote in early March that Warsaw had agreed with Washington to supply FGM-148F. At that time, the value of the deal was estimated at about $100 million.

In turn, Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov believes that all rockets and launchers purchased by Poland “will go to waste”. He believes this will happen because Warsaw will have no one to oppose, as it will not wait for aggression from the Russian side.