US State Department asks $138 million for information fight against Moscow

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The US State Department has published a report on the basics of Russian disinformation and propaganda. The authors of the 70-page document listed the main pillars of our country’s propaganda system. These are official government communications, global media financed by the state, work in social networks and even mysterious “activities in cyberspace.

Various examples of misinformation launched in Russia are given. As its example, the report cites the title of our central publications and TV channels: “Johnson will be given artificial lung ventilation”. At the same time, the authors do not cite any evidence that the Russian media reports mentioned are false.

The U.S. Foreign Ministry stresses in the report that Russia’s propaganda is being opposed by an increasingly prosperous international community. Characteristically, last week the State Department requested an additional $138 million from the government for an information campaign against Moscow next year.