US supermarket chain put a limit on single-handed meat sales

Concerns about shortages of meat products in the Coronavirus Pandemic began to grow in the United States as many of the country’s meat-processing plants shut down.

Against this backdrop, one of the largest U.S. chain stores, Costco, imposed restrictions on the sale of meat to allow more customers to purchase products. Visitors are allowed to buy no more than three packages of meat.

Such measures are related to the fact that several meat processing plants have already closed due to the fact that workers have been infected with coronavirus.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald Trump signed a decree that equates meat processing and production plants with defense plants, which will allow them to work in a coronavirus pandemic.

Tyson Foods Chairman John Tyson said April 27 that the infection was breaking production chains, with no one to sell their cattle to American farmers.

Currently, some of the largest meat processing plants have closed after thousands of employees across the country received a positive coronavirus test.

Pork processing plants have been particularly hard hit, with the three largest in the United States shut down indefinitely – Smithfield Foods in South Falls, South Dakota, JBS Pork Processing in Worthington, Minnesota, and Tyson Foods in Waterloo, Iowa. These three facilities produce 15% of all American pork.