US to hold Northern Edge-2021 exercise in Alaska in May with participation of 15,000 troops

The U.S. military forces will hold a military exercise “Northern Edge-2021” in Alaska from May 3 to May 14. It was announced Friday by the U.S. Pacific Command of the U.S. Air Force.

It will involve about 15 thousand soldiers and officers, the aircraft carrier strike group, and 240 different aircraft. According to Lt. Col. Mike Boyer, Northern Edge will allow the different branches of the military to “put the pieces of the puzzle together to see the big picture,” and will also give young soldiers “a sense of what a future conflict could look like in all its complexity.”

The exercise will also take place in the Gulf of Alaska. The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt will be involved, as well as its escort ships. The U.S. emphasizes that this is the largest exercise planned in Alaska in 2020.