USA, Australia and Argentina are among the top three meat consuming nations

The USA is a country of meat lovers, occupying the first place in a rating of the leading countries on consumption of meat in the world. According to data collected by the agency Statista in 2018, the consumption of meat in the U.S. reaches 99 kilograms, while poultry (chicken meat) is the most consumed animal protein among Americans (50 kg). It is followed by beef (26.3 kg) and pork (23 kg).

The Americans are followed by Australians (92 kg) and Argentines (89.8 kg). However, the Argentinean consumption pattern has changed dramatically over the past couple of years as consumers have switched from beef to poultry as the purchasing power of the country has fallen and beef prices have risen sharply because of increased demand from China in 2019.

The top 10 also include Israel (88.5 kg), Brazil (77 kg), New Zealand (74.8 kg), Chile (74.3 kg) and Canada with a per capita meat consumption of 69 kg. With the exception of Israel, the remaining countries are also major meat producers.