USA published confidential data : in the Kaliningrad region 40 new military bunkers and storages of nuclear weapon of the Russian Federation appeared

The USA paid attention that Russia significantly modernized the storages of nuclear weapon in the Kaliningrad region again.

Three months ago Federation of American Scientists, FAS on the basis of data from satellite pictures drew a conclusion that since 2016 on the secret site at the settlement of Kulikovo (40 km from Kaliningrad) capital reconstruction is carried out. Today data on modernization by Russia of several tens more bunkers near the city of Primorsk were published by CNN with reference to satellite data of the private company ImageSat International.

Judging by the pictures made during the period from July 19 to October 1, 2018 near the city of Primorsk where there is the second-large port of Russia on the Baltic Sea, 4 military bunkers are upgraded. 40 more new bunkers for storage of arsenals are constructed or will be soon completed. In the middle of the summer 10 of them were at a construction stage, but now modernization is almost complete.

Having analysed the obtained data, experts drew a conclusion that construction works were conducted also on Chkalovsk military base to the north from Kaliningrad where recently the planes of the 72nd air base of sea aircraft of the Baltic Fleet which were temporarily based in Chernyakhovsk returned. To air base in Chkalovsk laid new railway tracks and in airfield installed the system of instrument landing. The military base in Chernyakhovsk where the 152nd rocket crew is placed, also underwent modernization and there the Russian military sent the nuclear Iskander missile systems in February.

The commander of the Naval Forces of the USA in Europe and Africa James Foggo told CNN that strengthening of the Russian positions in the Kaliningrad region will not stop NATO.

From last year in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland 4 thousand soldiers of NATO on the basis of rotation serve. In case of the conflict with Russia these rapid-reaction forces will have to constrain army of the Russian Federation before arrival of the main troops. After transition of the Crimean peninsula to submission of Russia the North Atlantic Treaty Organization significantly increased military presence in Eastern Europe.

Let’s note that on the coast of the Baltic Sea NATO conducts tracking the Russian military facilities constantly. Only for October, 2018 it was reported about about 40 cases of investigation by means of aircraft of NATO along borders of Russia: in the first week of October eight cases (the Russian fighters of forces on duty of air defense rose in air three times) were recorded, and in the second – 21 aircraft of NATO conducted investigation at borders of the Russian Federation (fighters of the Air Force of the Russian Federation five times went for interception).
Details about at least 10 cases of investigation from planes of the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance got to media.

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