USA to deploy 150 fifth generation fighters in Alaska

The American authorities intend to deploy the largest number of fifth-generation aircraft in the state of Alaska. 150 F-22 and F-35 fighters will move to the region bordering Russia.

As Senator Dan Sullivan told on September 14 at the video seminar, nowhere on Earth there will be more accumulation of fighters of the fifth generation.

“Now we are building up our capabilities related to F-35. Given that <...> F-22s are deployed at Elmendorf-Richardson base and F-35s will be deployed at Ailson base, we will have more than 150 supersonic warplanes in Alaska.

Sullivan also recalled the expansion of the port Nom and called the U.S. actions a signal to Russia and China about the serious intentions of the U.S. authorities in the Arctic.

On September 11, The National Interest magazine told about the “nightmare” of the USA in the Arctic region. The article says that the United States lags far behind Moscow in the issue of Arctic exploration, and if Russia and China join forces in this region, the situation will become a “thriller” for Washington.