USGS created interactive map of the Moon

The “Single geological map of the moon” is the name of the interactive map published by the US Geological Survey. The surface of our planet’s satellite and its geological characteristics are presented here in great detail. Scientists have been working on the map for several decades, and now, combining the many data collected, released a product that will be of interest to both professionals and the general public.

The scale of the map is 1:5.000.000, this increase has allowed to reflect the relief of the moon in great detail. The information will be invaluable for those who plan missions to Earth satellite. Former NASA astronaut Jim Reilly commented on the event. He said that people have always been fascinated by the Moon, but previously did not know what its surface is.

Now everyone has the opportunity to learn a lot of new information: what rocks the surface of our satellite, their age, stages of formation, as well as curious facts about certain areas.