Vancouver authorities imposed fines of up to $34,500 for violation of the emergency rule

Vancouver city authorities have introduced a system of fines for those who violate the emergency regime established in British Columbia province of Canada in connection with the coronavirus. This was reported by CTV.

The maximum penalty for owners of service businesses that continue to operate contrary to the ban may be up to CAD 50 thousand ($34.5 thousand). The maximum penalty for individuals is $1 thousand (about $700). All fines can be challenged in court.

However, the authorities are not yet ready to fine those who take to the streets unnecessarily, despite the requests of the mayor’s office to stay home.

The city’s intention to impose such fines was announced by Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart on Sunday. He was forced to take such a step, because despite the bans imposed by the emergency regime, many Vancouver residents ignore them. In particular, residents continue to gather in large groups at the playgrounds and have parties with large numbers of guests. In addition, some cafes, restaurants and other small service businesses continue to operate.

On March 20, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that quarantine measures in the country due to the proliferation of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 could be extended for several weeks or months. He also warned of the closure of the Canada-US border from March 21 for minor trips.

Trudeau himself reported no coronavirus on March 13, although his wife Sophia was diagnosed with the disease when she returned from London.

To date, according to Worldmeters, in Canada, 2792 people are infected, 26 people have died.