Venezuelan opposition signed a $213 million contract with Silvercorp to overthrow Maduro

The Washington Post has a copy of the contract of the Venezuelan opposition with the U.S. private military company (PMC) Silvercorp to provide “services” to invade the country and overthrow President Nicolas Maduro. The document, worth $213 million, was signed in October 2019.

A copy of the contract was provided by the opposition activists themselves, provided that one of the applications would be removed, the newspaper reports.

The 42-page document states, inter alia, that the “service delivery team” will assist “in the planning and execution of the operation of captivity/detention/exile of Nicolas Maduro (hereinafter referred to as “the main object”), the removal of the current regime and the inauguration of the recognized president of Venezuela, Juan Guaydo.

The cost of the project is provisionally estimated at $212,900,000.

The contract was signed by member of the Venezuelan opposition parliament Sergio Vergara. Guaido’s signature is not on the document, but it appears in the common service document between the opposition and the Silvercorp PMC, also published by the Washington Post.

May 3, Venezuelan Interior Minister Nestor Reverol reported on the prevention of maritime invasion of Colombian militants by the authorities from La Guayra town in the north of the country. According to him, the guerrillas have tried to enter the country by fast boats.

The President of the National Constitutional Assembly of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, said that eight attackers were killed and two others were detained as a result of the repulse of the attack. He also said that one of the detainees was an agent of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.