Victoria Beckham releases a collection of lipsticks dedicated to working at Spice Girls

“Dedicated to our eternal quest for ourselves as women. Posh is back,” says one of the posts in the account @victoriabeckhambeauty. The wife of the famous soccer player Victoria Beckham shared with subscribers about the launch of the Posh Lipstick line. The shades and their names are inspired by a certain moment of Victoria’s work in Spice Girls. For example, pale coral Pout, dark brown Fringe, cherry red Pop and others. “Lipstick has always given me confidence,” Victoria remarked.

The launch of the collection is linked to the designer’s recent fan appeal, in which she shared that she finally accepted herself and her role in the band. According to her confession, after leaving Spice Girls, the girl wanted to forget about her past life. “I was named Posh in 1996, at a lunch with Peter Lauren from Top of the Pops magazine and other members of Spice Girls. I can’t say it was my choice, but it just so happens that we got together with that nickname. I was young and shy, and Posh helped me find style and confidence, my own voice. After leaving Spice Girls, I gave up the nickname because it had already grown into my own story, and I wanted to find my way. Now, many years later, I look at those times with gratitude. Posh changed my fate forever and gave me the opportunity to realize my dreams,” said the star.