Video of interception of Iranian airliner by US fighter plane was published

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The convergence of the U.S. F-15 fighter aircraft with the Iranian airline Mahan Air’s Airbus A310 passenger jet has been captured on video.

IRIB TV channel has published footage taken by passengers. In them, the fighter escorts the airliner for a while and then descends and flies away.

It can also be seen that some passengers were injured due to the crew’s attempt to avoid the collision. One of them had a head injury.

The incident occurred on July 23. An American F-15 fighter aircraft approached a passenger Airbus A310 flying from Tehran to Beirut, Lebanon, in the sky over Syria. As explained at the Pentagon, the fighter approached a distance of 1 km to identify the aircraft and make sure that it does not pose a threat to the U.S. military at the U.S. Al-Tunf base.

Initially, it was assumed that the fighter belonged to Israel, but according to the pilot of the Iranian airliner, the F-15 pilot said via radio communication that it belongs to the U.S. military.

Because of the rapprochement, the crew of Airbus310 was forced to drop drastically and in two minutes it dropped from 10.6 to 10 kilometers.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry promised to study the incident and prepare a U.S. response. Tehran also intends to address the UN.

By now the plane has safely returned to Tehran.