Video of the deaths on the set with Alec Baldwin

On the Internet appeared video from the set in the U.S., where actor Alec Baldwin on October 21 made the fatal shot, which resulted in the death of one person and another was wounded.

Footage released by ABC7 Los Angeles captures the scene of the filming of Rust in New Mexico from high altitude. The footage shows U.S. police cars and law enforcement officers examining the scene.

Baldwin’s gun, loaded with blanks, wounded the film’s director, Joel Sousa, in the collarbone when he was shot. Director of photography Galina Hutchins was critically injured and was flown by helicopter to a local trauma center, where she died. It is known that the deceased was a native of the Soviet Union and grew up on a Soviet military base above the Arctic Circle.

Police are continuing to investigate what happened.

Alec Baldwin, who participated in the filming of the scene during which the shooting occurred, was not injured. The actor is the co-producer of the film.

Strict safety rules apply on film sets, but there have been several cases of serious or fatal accidents while using guns on the set. In 1993, actor Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, was killed during the filming of The Crow. He was shot with an improperly loaded gun.

Actor John-Eric Hexham died in 1984 while playing with a prop gun on television and shot himself in the head, unaware that blank cartridges could be dangerous at close range.

In December 2019, actor Jackie Chan revealed that he nearly died on the set of the action movie Vanguard. According to him, while filming a jet ski scene, he became trapped under a rock, could not get out and almost drowned. However, he admitted that he tried not to panic and kept calm – this helped him to swim out on his own.

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