Virgo Horoscope 2021 ♍

Horoscope for 2021 for representatives of the Virgo zodiac sign describes this period as definitely positive. The element of the Earth, to which the Virgin belongs, corresponds to the elements of Metal in the Eastern tradition, and this element is the patron of the Bull in 2021. On the other hand, the Virgo is a mutabel cross, which is characterized by flexibility and adaptability, and these qualities are not in favor. Interestingly, among the celestial patrons and antagonists of your sign, none of these celestial objects – the Sun, Mars, Moon and Pluto, which will largely determine the course of life this year. This does not mean that you will not be influenced by the above mentioned planets. For example, Venus, responsible for the problems and fears of the Virgin, is an antagonist of Mars, and since the red planet is now in a dominant position, the Venusian negative will be completely suppressed. This promises no problems on the love front and new perspectives in the relationship. Although, in general, this sphere will clearly fall into the background, and material issues will come to the forefront. The year 2021 is a great chance to achieve the desired goal, but it will still require a lot of hard work.

The first quarter of the cycle (the period from the beginning of the year to April) will bring changes to the Virgins. Some of them will be difficult to accept. There is nothing you can do, you will have to accept it. The main thing is not to let others influence your decisions. Only you will have enough information to make the right choices. At the same time, there will not be much information at this stage that will allow you to talk about any kind of certainty. But virgins are not used to relying on luck. And here it will be quite easy for you to act in conditions of lack of information. At the same time, the stars recommend you to think through all the options before you start to implement your plans. This applies primarily to professional activity, where you will have unexpected perspectives. Remember that, in fact, no one is restricting you (except for yourself). If something does not work out, it is an excuse to become better, not to change your strategy. A good way remains good regardless of the circumstances and someone’s opinions.

The period from mid-spring to mid-summer 2021 for Virgins will be interesting even more large-scale changes, although quantitatively they will be less than at the beginning of the year. But they will be much more conceptual. Many things will change. In the sphere of personal relationships, you will definitely not have enough information to make a decision, and you will have to trust another person. The saying “trust, but check” will be appropriate, but without fanaticism. Do not turn into a frank paranoia, otherwise people will simply turn away from you. Even in such difficult times you can find a place for sincerity and honesty. So find it (this is the place), then your luck will smile and new opportunities will open up. From a financial point of view, do not allow yourself to spend much, later you will need the available resources. Do not rush to make decisions under the influence of emotions. If necessary, organize yourself a break, but not a long one, otherwise you will lose all the fuse. The stars advise you to understand yourself first. Internal contradictions will not allow you to properly allocate your energies, and you may not be able to take on the project you should be focusing on at all.

From mid-summer to the end of September 2021 representatives of the zodiac sign of the Virgin will have to wait more often than act. This is not easy, because there will be many events around. Again, changes of different scales are expected, and some of them will literally storm into your personal life. You need to be persistent and not allow yourself to go into metaphysics. In fact, everything will be quite concrete and transparent, and if you don’t see it, then you should take off your glasses. In personal matters, try to ask your loved ones for help, they will not refuse. In terms of business, rely on your professional instinct and do not be afraid to act outside the box. This is a good time to acquire new skills that you will need more than once in the future. The main thing when opening a Pandora’s Box, do not think that you can not cope with the consequences. Everything can be calculated, but not everything to the end. You’re not alone in your ambitions, and at some point you can well cooperate with your allies (and even opponents) to achieve a common goal.

The final part of 2021 (up to January 2022, when the Bull will be replaced by the Tiger) for representatives of the zodiac sign Virgo will be the brightest period of a year cycle. It is now that Mercury, the manager and activator of your sign, will be in full harmony with the Earth, and its impact on your life will be maximum. At this point, it is desirable to deal with all questions of the personal plan to fully focus on work, creativity, and self-realization. If you have your own business, time to take on a large-scale project, you will have everything you need. If you work in an organization, try to start with a small, but steadily move towards your goal. Enthusiasm is not welcome, but if you decide – you will not find a better moment. This is a good time for any investments, major acquisitions, spending of another plan. But you shouldn’t be engaged in saving now. It will give much less benefit than planned. Dear Virgins, in 2021 be inexorable, your success in the ability to achieve their, but not by any means.