Virtual researchers found gold on Mars

There is gold on the surface of Mars – is sure the famous virtual ufologist Scott Waring, who for some time decided to become a virtual geologist. The specialist found whole golden mountains on the Red planet with the help of Google Mars service.

Google Mars is based on highly detailed images of Mars, taken with the help of orbital vehicles mapping the planet. Looking at pictures of Martian landscapes, Waring drew attention to a strange yellow substance sparkling in the sunlight. The researcher decided it was gold.

It is a substance that in some places frames the Lomonosov crater on Mars. It does resemble gold to some extent, so some experts joined Waring’s opinion and also suggested that it is a precious metal.

If there is actually gold on Mars, it is simply colossal volumes. But where could it have come from on the Red Planet’s surface? What does the official science say about it? There are no detailed studies, but planetologists believe that gold may exist on the surface of Mars. For example, it could have appeared as a result of the fall of a large gold asteroid. Yes, such exist within our star system – perhaps in the future people will even learn how to extract precious metal from them.