Vladimir Putin admitted that he was inoculated with Sputnik V

As we speak, Russia’s federal channels are broadcasting a direct line to the president. Vladimir Putin received more than two million questions, most of which were about vaccinations. The leader of the Russian Federation vaccinated himself back in spring, but hid from the public what.

So, the 68-year-old Russian leader told how he was vaccinated in the spring. Despite the fact that Vladimir Putin was asked not to say what vaccine he was vaccinated with to avoid competition, he did admit that it was Sputnik V.

“When I did, there was EpiVacCorona and Sputnik V in civil circulation. They’re both good; I could have made either one. The way I saw it, EpiVacCorona works for a shorter time, but it has its advantages, it’s synthetic and advanced. I made a decision for myself to vaccinate myself with Sputnik V, especially since our armed forces are vaccinated with it and I am the commander-in-chief,” admitted the head of state.

He also joked that many would like to see a video or photo of this moment: “And if the vaccination was given not in the arm, but in another place, should it be shown too?

At the same time, the president did not seek advice from doctors, but looked at people he knew who was getting the vaccine and what kind of vaccine. “People close to me were vaccinated and got sick, unfortunately, but it went away pretty quickly, too. 10% of those vaccinated can get sick, but later they tolerate the disease easily and without consequences,” Putin said.